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At Basement Underpinning Toronto, we are dedicated to our clients. We believe that we have a responsibility to provide you with the best underpinning possible in order to increase the value and safety of your home, and that is exactly what we aim to do. We serve clients all over the Toronto area.

We want you to know that our team is full of experienced, professionally trained individuals who understand basement underpinning inside and out. You can rest assured that when you allow us to work on your home, you are putting your trust in the best team in the area. From the first consultation to the final walk through, we make sure that all of our work meets exacting standards and strive to work with you to make your dreams a reality. It is possible to have the home of your dreams, and to do so safely and responsibly – and we can help.


One of the most common questions we are asked at Basement Underpinning Toronto is just how much the underpinning process costs.


In many older homes, crawl spaces were constructed rather than full basements.


When it comes to keeping your home functioning safely and effectively, it is sometimes necessary to undertake repairs.

At Basement Underpinning Toronto, we aim to provide experienced and professional services that are priced competitively. We do not think that you should have to break the bank in order to underpin your basement, and we do our best to offer the absolute best price we can.


When it comes to keeping your home functioning safely and effectively, it is sometimes necessary to undertake repairs.

Basement Excavation

Basement excavation is a good way to inspect potential or existing foundation issues in addition to increasing the general vertical space present in your basement.


Basement walkout is designed to allow people to walk out of the basement and outside. Let’s take a look at how the basement walkout cost is determined.

At Basement Underpinning Toronto, we understand the importance of underpinning correctly the first time around. We are passionate about not only giving our clients an excellent value, but also ensuring their safety as well. We have been in the business for a long time, and can handle all of your basement underpinning needs. Contact us today for more information!


Well, if you have any intention of underpinning your basement and expanding downwards, then structural alterations are most likely in your near future.

Structure Stabilization

Structure stabilization can help stabilize the home in question and stop it from moving or sinking.


Shoring and earth retention is a service designed to help support structures during excavation and foundation work.

Making the decision to underpin your basement is a big deal. We are talking about a process that affects your home’s foundation, after all, so it is only natural to be cautious when weighing the pros and cons. Basement Underpinning Toronto has amazing clients that entrust us with their home’s stability and safety – and we do not take that trust for granted.


Lateral reinforcement is a process that involves reinforcing foundation walls that are unable to support lateral loads from exterior soil.


In the liner wall installation process, supporting walls are installed to support existing foundation walls.

Bench Footing-Benching

Bench footing is one way to help extend – or lower – the floor of your basement in order to create more vertical space.

  • underpinning-vs-bench-footing-scheme

When deciding upon a foundation for your new addition, it is a good idea to consult with a professional.


As with anything in life, basement lowering requires a particular process in order to be completed successfully.

Our specialists are waiting to help schedule a consultation.



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