What is underpinning?

Underpinning is the process of excavating an existing foundation in a home in order to repair structural damage or increase the space of the home (or both).

Why would I need to have my basement underpinned?

If your home becomes structurally damaged or develops issues like mold, then it is a good idea to consider underpinning your basement. Doing so allows the experts to reinforce your home’s foundation as well as eliminate any issues that could cause health problems in you or your loved ones

Is basement underpinning for everyone?

At Basement Underpinning Toronto, we believe that many homes could benefit from basement underpinning. In order to determine whether the process would be right for your specific case, feel free to contact us so that we can gain a better understanding regarding your needs.

Is there any risk in basement underpinning?

There is always some risk when you are altering a home’s structure. With that said, the real risk comes from not hiring professionals who have experience underpinning homes. At Basement Underpinning Toronto, however, we have the kind of knowledge and professional experience needed in order to correctly underpin your home.

Can basement underpinning increase my home’s value?

In short, yes, basement underpinning can help increase your home’s resell value. Whether you are fixing a damaged foundation or are creating new square footage of livable space in your home, you are likely to see an increase in your home’s value as a result of underpinning your basement. This is especially true when extra square footage is created underneath your home.

What is the process of basement underpinning like?

Basement underpinning takes place over the course of several distinct “phases”:
• Analyze and Investigate
• Planning
• Designing
• Construction
As you can see, the process is not quite as simple as simply walking into your home and beginning to dig into the current foundation. We take our time and ensure that we thoroughly understand your needs before we begin work, and like to plan out the best approaches and equipment needs before we start construction. This helps prevent delays later on in the process.

How should I select a team to underpin my basement?

You should look for a team that has experience in basement underpinning, first of all, and ensure that they understand the process thoroughly. Look for someone local to your area, as they are more likely to have testimonials that are relevant to your needs.


At Basement Underpinning Toronto, we have the experience and knowledge needed to underpin your basement, and to do so well. We are excited to help you create the kind of safe space that you need, and are waiting to speak with you today. Contact us now and speak with one of our specialists!